Video On Seduction – What Women Want?

July 5, 2012

Here’s a funny video on seduction found on YouTube. Called “Upstairs Girl”, this is a channel on a pair of women on seduction and dating gone wrong. Really funny (and sexy) scene of a woman overcoming a man on the field. A must watch!


Recently I have been getting emails on the tricky question of “what women want”, and what defines a desirable man. The answer is pretty simple, but most guys completely miss this. Below is a list of characteristics that women wants in a man, and not surprisingly, it is also the definition of the prototype “alpha male” which is so desirable to women.

What Women Want – Characteristics Of The Alpha Male

  • Confidence. Inner game characteristics, surety, and anxiety-free. This remains the top trait of a desirable man. This is also one of the key points inside David Deida’s Book – The Way Of The Superior Man.
  • Looks. Don’t be fooled by dating gurus who tell you that you can look sloppy and still get laid. That’s a lie propagated by self proclaimed seduction “experts” who are out there just to make a quick buck. Stick to proven dating and relation experts such as Derek Rake (, Neil Strauss, Harjit Singh and JohnnyBee.
  • Money. Again, money is a key attraction factor. This can be manifested in many ways – for example, if you drive a Lamborghini, have a nice, posh piece of property, or other indications of wealth (like jade rings).
  • Health. If you have been a past Men’s Health cover model then you have got a better chance in dating and getting women attracted to you than, say, a fat slob who works in the marketing communications department at your local convenience store. That’s a fact. If you are fat, then hit the gym already. There’s no excuse for being fat, although it’s excusable to be ugly since you can’t help it.