How To Attract Women

August 13, 2012

Many guys find it hard when it comes to be successful at dating and love. There is just too much confusing information out there in the world today. If you are new to seducing women, you will be amazed with the amount of (sometimes contradicting) information on relationships and attraction. For example, below are a list of “schools of seduction” which greatly differ from one another:-

  • Natural game
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) based seduction
  • Routine-based game
  • Female psychology loopholes
  • Mind control / persuasion (for example, the Dark Rake Method)
  • Symbolic fractionation (for example, the October Man Sequence technique)
  • Alpha male / inner game (e.g. John Alexander)
  • Storytelling
  • Direct game
  • Indirect game (e.g. Mystery Method)

If you are new to all this, you will think that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the right knowledge on dating and seducing women. The truth is that these different types of approach to seduction often are contradictory with one another. However, there is an easy way out if you want to know how to seduce women properly without being stuck at one particular style of seduction. Read on to discover how to do this and achieve killer results with girls fast…

How To Attract Women – Using “Neutral” Seduction Techniques And Tricks

Recognize that the most powerful seduction technique is based on human persuasion and psychology. Many of these techniques (for example, fractionation hypnosis) has been adapted in the use of dating and seducing women since the 1980’s (when the seduction community was born on the Internet). Therefore, if you really want to be good with women, you will need to master the fractionation technique. Google the term “fractionation” or “fractionation seduction” for some links on how this seduction technology works – you won’t regret it.

Remember to always practice everything that you read online at seduction forums (for example, Knowledge is useless without application, and this is especially true when it comes to acquiring seduction abilities. With the right techniques and ample practice you will be able to seduce any woman you want and make her your girlfriend in no time at all. Also get some practice on relationship quizzes so that you are well versed in the terminology of seduction. Also watch some videos on seduction if you have got the time.