Fractionation – The First Deadly Seduction Secret…?

July 5, 2012

So you’ve heard about this hot new seduction tactic called fractionation and am piqued about it. I don’t blame you. After all, the technique has been hyped to death by many dating and seduction gurus for the past year. So, is the technique as effective as it is said to be? Now I don’t want to burst your bubble but here are some facts about fractionation and how to use it to seduce women that you must know. Read on…

Fractionation Seduction – The Fact And The Fiction

  • If you don’t have at least a working knowledge of how hypnosis works, then it will be difficult for you to use fractionation to seduce women. In fact, much of fractionation seduction is based on the proper execution of the technique by first creating emotional connection with the woman, and then using symbol fractionation to make her fall in love quickly. If you don’t even know how to talk to a woman and establish a common rapport (a common problem with many guys who are having problems with women) then the technique won’t do you any good. That’s the truth, sadly.
  • It’s not a “magic bullet”, or a short cut to dating success, unfortunately, unlike what some gurus try to tell you. It require work and practice.
  • If you have mastered the October Man Sequence (a type of Neuro Linguistic Programming technique which has been applied into the field of dating and seduction) then you will find it easy to apply fractionation as it is based on the same principles. The October Man, which first gained limelight from Neil Strauss’ book The Game, is also based on symbol fractionation, and is known to be able to make women fall in love in as quickly as 16 minutes from start till finish.

So what you need to do now is NOT to start reading up on hypnosis and persuasion (although that certainly helps). There is, however, a shortcut when it comes to mastering the usage of fractionation to seduce women. What you must do is to go download this blueprint (or a set of instructions) on how to use fractionation in order to seduce women. Called FractionationX, it was developed by dating guru Derek Rake (check out his website at for his personal clients (which then got leaked to the outside world, gaining media publicity quickly). Google it, and download it in order to learn how to use fractionation properly. It’s a set of video and PDF file which gives detailed instructions on how to use the technique in order to attract women and make them fall in love. Essential reading.

Mastering The Art of Picking Up Women

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